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In the Press

Presented here is a selection of MAISHA's media features and mentions. Follow the links to read the full articles and find out more about our anti-poaching activities.



How WWF and WCS came to hire a private security firm in Dzanga-Sangha, Central African Republic
Conservation Watch, by Chris Lang, November 4, 2016

The Fight Against Elephant Poachers Is Going Commando

Smithsonian Magazine, by Joshua Hammer, June 2016

In Search of the Mystery Apes of Bili Forest

NBC News, by Richard Engel and Aggelos Petropoulos, May 7, 2016

Role of the Private Sector

The Cipher Brief, by Nir Kalron, November 30, 2015

Former Israeli Commandos Conserving Elephants

The Dodo, by Jordan Carlton Schaul, May 26, 2015

Elephant Watch

The New Yorker, by Peter Canby, May 11, 2015

AWF Kickstarts Efforts in Remote Bili-Uele Protected Area Complex

African Wildlife Foundation’s African Landscape, Issue 2, 2015 (p. 1, p. 6-8)

Stopping the elephant slaughter

ISRAEL21c, by Abigail Klein Leichman, February 2, 2015

Sunday Review: Nir Kalron

The New York Times, by Kate Murphy, May 25, 2014

Former Commando Turns Conservationist To Save Elephants Of Dzanga Bai

NPR, by Bill Mcquay and Christopher Joyce, May 9, 2014

Heart of Darkness: Israeli Expedition Hunts Elephant Killers in Africa

Haaretz, by Hilo Glazer, Sep 11, 2013