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The virtual world of social media has become as real and present in our lives as the real world. Personal profiles are exposed in the digital world, pictures, posts, locations, wishes, needs and aspirations are shared with masses of known and unknown people.

The constant flow of data and connectivity comes along with a pool of side effects, some wanted – and some unwanted.  It certainly instigated a revolution in the worlds of law enforcement, corporate security and investigative media: professionals from these fields now have the ability to harvest data and conduct research, investigations and intelligence collection with a fraction of the resources once required to conduct these same activities. 


The use of social media for these purposes is continuously growing and changing at incredible speeds. At the same time, the Darknet and the dark sides of social media are emerging as powerful platforms providing access to contraband and potentially dangerous information about cyber hacking, bombmaking or the like.

An in-depth understanding of these digital arenas alongside tools and knowhow necessary to navigate them is a sine-qua-non for law enforcement, media and legal professionals.
As a global leader in data-driven intelligence solutions, MAISHA Group offers a select group of professionals the opportunity to participate in an exclusive seminar delivered by top-level experts in the field of innovative web intelligence, analysis and actionable insights. Our experts will teach you how to efficiently navigate the chaotic seas of data, eliminate cyber threats, and generate highly valuable targeted insights for ongoing investigations.

January 29th 2018 

Hotel Holiday Inn, Montreal Airport, Montreal Canada


  • Law enforcement professionals
  • Private investigators
  • Journalists
  • Corporate CISOs 


The course’s instructors include two TOP-LEVEL web analysts formerly officers at an elite intelligence unit, with a specialization on Web intelligence (WEBINT), terrorism and homeland security (HLS) investigations. 


  • One-day agenda consisting of frontal seminars, workshops and simulations
  • Theoretical and practical focus
  • Division into two small groups with personal instructor (up to 8 participants per group)
  • Luncheon and snacks

Registration fee

CAD $920.00 per participant


Number of participants

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I  WEBINT TRAINING OVERVIEW See WEBINT Training Notes in the appendixes section

WEBINT Introduction & Structure of the Internet 

Introduction to the most prominent trends in the worldwide web and the challenges these trends create for WEBINT analysts. 

Search Engines 
Mastering advanced search techniques on search engines, in particular Google and Bing. 

Introduction to Twitter, its structure and unique features, as well as mastering advanced search techniques on Twitter. 

Introduction to Facebook, its structure and unique features, as well as mastering advanced search techniques on Facebook. 

Anonymous & Safe Surf 
This session focuses on the risks WEBINT analysts have to face and the best ways to avoid them. 

WEBINT Tricks 
This session exposes participants to advanced methods and tech-tools facilitating targeted investigations among others with help of a mere phone number. 



This session explains the difference between old days’ data and nowadays’ data, the meaning of structured data and the Nodes & Edges method for representing data in a visual manner. 

Data Analysis & Data Management Software
A session about different types of data management and data analysis software. 

Data Types
A session about the meaning of entities, relationships between different entities and metadata.

Import Data
This session explains how to import data into the Sentinel Visualizer Software.  

Network Metrics & Advanced Features
This session covers more advanced features within the Sentinel Visualizer and advanced data analysis tools that can be used in complex investigations and reveal useful data-based insights.

Dataset Builder & Query Builder
This session explains how to use the query and the dataset builders in order to deal with more complicated questions that sometimes come up during investigations. 


How to Manage an Investigation
A theoretical session about different types of investigations, in particular lead-based / ad-hoc investigations and source-based / on-going investigations. This session focuses on curiosity as a key factor for the success of investigations and shows tangible examples to showcase where curiosity plays part in the enrichment of already-known leads and the generation of new leads.